Laurie's abstract expressionistic paintings convey an ethereal world filled with energy, spontaneity, and aliveness.

Using unique and unexpected color combinations, the shapes and forms in the pieces are distinct, yet also a part of everything else in the atmosphere of the painting.   Her paintings take the viewer into an alternate reality.   In this virtual world, each living thing is separate, yet part of a whole.  The colors and shapes have a distinct energy and separateness, yet they blend and meld into the whole.

Laurie's knowledge and interest in Feng Shui, and other holistic modalities have inspired her to create work which is about how each and every thing affects the whole. As she layers paint and overlaps shapes and colors, each form, mark, shape is unique in and of itself; however it affects the whole as it moves into, over, or next to other colors and shapes, creating its own tapestry and rhythm.